Swiss Bliss Yoga Retreat with Andrei Ram

Swiss Bliss Yoga Retreat with Andrei Ram

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Stage organisé par Alex d’Atayoga et animé par Andrei Ram.

Welcome to our five-day Yoga Retreat in the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland – a perfect blend of relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation. Each day Andrei Ram will lead us in profound meditation and vitalising yoga, suitable for all levels, set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty. Join us for a memorable journey of self-discovery, peace, and joy in an idyllic mountain setting. Embrace the opportunity to step away from daily life, deepen your yoga practice, and cultivate well-being in the beauty of nature.

Let’s breathe, stretch, and smile together in the mountains, creating moments of happiness and lasting memories.

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Date et heure

mer 13 novembre 2024 à
dim 17 novembre 2024

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