Pre x-mas Yoga Retreat in Wallis

Pre x-mas Yoga Retreat in Wallis

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Stage animé par Valentine Bahri.

A soothing and calming retreat before the often hectic holiday time.

Christmas time can be emotional and draining for many of us, for numerous different reasons. I thought we could all make good use of a pre x-mas retreat to give ourselves time and space to tune in, to rest, restore and renew. We will (quite literally!), nourish both our bodies and minds, create space in order to feel rejuvenated.

Because we can better take care of others, if we care for ourselves too.

What’s included:

  • 3 nights in very charming, cozy & eco chalet near Martigny in Wallis

  • beautiful 100m2 wooden yoga room, equipped with props and views on the pine trees

  • 3 x extended Slow Vinyasa & Pranayama sessions in the morning

  • 1 x afternoon interactive workshop (Asana Lab, Q&A)

  • 3 x Deep Yin Release & Pranayama sessions in the evening

>> a total of approximately 12h+ of guided practices

EARLY BIRD! save 50.- chf if you book before 13.8.24

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Date et heure

ven 13 décembre 2024 à
lun 16 décembre 2024

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